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With Survey-Ok you can carry out personalized surveys tailored to each industry, in all the areas you want to measure the experience of your customers in real time.

The surveys are sent via mail (directed) or through a link (anonymous).


Customers can also download them through QR codes at your points of sale and/or service.

The surveys and outgoing emails are 100% configurable with the image of your company.

The objective is that you have all the data you need to design a WOW Customer Experience journey and that you can measure the level of satisfaction at each point you want.


In each survey configure the parameters to suit you, optimizing the management process in the responses. Select the state and the person in charge of managing each response.  

State Classification

Unlimited creation of "STATES" to each response so you can measure exactly what you need. These states are 100% CUSTOMIZABLE to create a WOW Experience, automating processes that delay critical responses.

Reports that generate impact

Thanks to Survey-OK you get a 360º view of your customers' experience. The ISN   report reflects the rate of customer satisfaction with the service and the MOST IMPORTANT thing is that its evolution shows the degree to which you are adopting good management policies.


In addition, the Loyalty Index report measures the loyalty of your customers and identifies Passive customers and Detractors in time.


That added to our NOLAN algorithm, they give you reports that allow you to have the data you need to know your customers every time, satisfy their needs and even anticipate them, generating loyalty that will have a positive impact on your business.

What is the Loyalty Index?

The Loyalty Index is a metric that measures the degree of recommendation of your customers,  classifying them as Detractor - Passive - Promoter.  The quick action on detractors or passive, facilitates conversion and retention.

What is the ISN?

ISN stands for “Net Satisfaction Index”. Metric to measure the level of satisfaction during the customer journey.

How do we do it?

We use an algorithm that optimizes response time to manage Detractors. Classify the answers obtained in a survey to perform "Service Recovery".

Empresarias jovenes
suggestion book

The Suggestion Books are a confidential instrument that facilitate communication between the client and the company IN REAL TIME, allowing the IMMEDIATE solution of the CONFLICT.

Today more than ever customers want to be heard. Not only when they are dissatisfied


100% ONLINE:

Eliminate any friction that prevents your client from leaving their suggestions, queries, congratulations or complaints at the time they want to do so.

It also gives you the possibility that the client can effectively monitor their case while it is being resolved.

More efficient management: The operator manages the ticket until the "case closing date" is given.

It prevents social networks from becoming a "Public Complaints Book" where only the voice of detractors is amplified, which many times are not real.

You will never again have complaints or dissatisfied customers because no one knows where the information required to solve their problem is.

Depending on the case, the ticket is derived and reminder alerts, traffic light alarms and attached documents are created.

Proactivity: We create the ticket online and it is immediately referred to an executive.

With Quality Contact you will be able to  order  and manage the claims with the aim of giving them a real and correct follow-up within the previously established deadlines.

Tip Book Tools

Alarm on previously defined responses with NOLAN

Online charts with download to Excel 

Monitoring of responses Interaction between Users (multi-user platform).

Creation of states according to need

Case Closing Control with traffic light system

Sending mail from the Suggestion Book Platform

Suggestion Book TICKET Reminders

Single traceability card

Types and formats of Suggestion Book

We give you all the options so you can listen to your customers at the precise moment they want to communicate with you. Take care of your customers' experience by making an open channel of communication with your brand available to them.  

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1.- Totem or tablet on pedestal

2.- Email signature footer

3.- Código QR              

4.- Website

5.- Social Networks

6.- Email Reading

How do Suggestion Books work?


The TICKET is created online


The TICKET is created online


Operator manages the ticket until giving "Closing date of the case"


The ticket is derived


Reminder alerts, traffic light alarms and attached documents are created

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