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Our focus is to take care of the customer experience without losing the point of human contact, automating administrative procedures through referral and online traceability, and measuring Loyalty and Satisfaction rates, which help us to understand the complex and varied customer experience. .

Personalized monitoring of your customers' responses

With Quality Contact you will be able to make a real and correct follow-up to the answers of your surveys, without losing the point of human contact.

multi-user platform

Quality Contact provides a platform that can support the use of the system by all the participants simultaneously. One  of its main characteristics is that each participant will have a unique and non-transferable access key.

Detractor alert algorithm

The platform has an Algorithm that warns through Alarma Mail, when your company is being poorly evaluated.

Complete claims cycle management

Each incident  entered by the user through the online suggestion books, generates a unique individualized file, with a unique identification number associated with the case and that contains all the traceability for the follow-up and resolution of the incident. case. It also allows you to attach files.

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